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David, a drifter, arrives to the small northern community of Haileybury in search of his estranged father whom he needs to reconnect with. David quickly learns that his father has actually been missing for years and no one, including his buddies who he fishes with knows his whereabouts. But  rather then move on, David decides to stay and take the opportunity to learn more the community and possibly clues about his father’s disappearance. David is offered an invitation to join his father’s buddies on their weekly ice fishing excursion down the lake. But when David discovers that there are inconsistencies about his father’s whereabouts, he becomes suspect that there is more to the story of his departure then what he is being told. As darkness descends over the lake and ice hut camp, David pieces together the truth and about his father and quickly comes to recognize that his own life is now in jeopardy.



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